Plank type flooringPlank type flooring

Häfla Plank type flooring is used for all types of industrial flooring, entresol floor structures, walkways etc. Häfla Plank type flooring copes with span widths up to 2 metres, which means that the supporting beams can be arranged at wider distance and the erection work carried out faster.

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Expanded metalExpanded metal

A new method of production has given us the possibility to supply expanded metal with variable meshes. It opens new views for use in design and function.

The mesh can be increased or decreased according to your wishes with variation in each step or in different areas.

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Machine GuardsMachine Guards

Häfla Bruk's broad range includes machine guards constructed from easily-assembled modules. The system is very flexible and can be adapted to machines of different types.

You determine production. How do you want the guard around your machine to be constructed, and do you prefer mesh or expanded metal?

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