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Häfla Bruk

Tradition, knowledge and development


Hävla Hammarsmedja -Häfla Bruks ABHäfla Bruks AB has a history that reaches more than 300 years back in time. The old hammer forge founded in 1682, still today well preserved, was the origin of today’s Häfla Bruks AB.

Historically Häfla Bruks AB has produced wrought iron, nails, heating furnaces and horse shoes. During the 1950`s the production of press welded gratings began, still today one of the most important products for Häfla Bruks AB.

That a company like Häfla Bruks AB with its long history is built on tradition seems rather obvious. During the three centuries sound knowledge and competence has been established. Actually you might say that the knowledge isn’t only in our staff but also in the walls of our buildings.

Due to constant change in our world we always try to look forward. Our company is in strong growth and we invest in automation and development of products and production machines. Therefore you can rely on our product quality now and in the future.

You will not only find standard solutions from us. If you have a more complicated problem that needs special solutions we will help you with everything from technical assistance and production to a quick and safe delivery.

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