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Machine Guards

Guards for machines and people provide a more secure workplace with a reduced risk of accident

skadad handEvery year, accidents at our workplaces cause suffering to those involved and have major financial consequences for the companies concerned due to long periods of sickness absence. Statistics for 2002 relating to industrial injuries among blue-collar workers in the pulp and paper industry indicate that crushing injuries are responsible for the major proportion of industrial injuries within the Group.

In the sawmill and wood products industry, the machines represent by far the greatest risk of accident. More than two in every 100 workers in the wood products industry suffered an industrial injury resulting in sickness absence in 2004. An average of one accident per working day was reported to the Swedish Working Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) in the first half of 2005.

Safety equipment at the workplace
is the employer's responsibility

maskinskyddCommon regulations in the EU, which entered into effect in 2001, imposed new requirements on machine guards in engineering factories. The employer is now required to investigate the working conditions at regular intervals and to assess the risks of anyone being affected by ill-health or an accident at work. These risks are identified and addressed by adopting a systematic approach to the working environment. This prevents employees from having accidents at work. Employees and the safety representative obviously work together as partners, although the principal responsibility for a systematic approach to the working environment still resides with the employer.

This approach to the working environment can include the design of the workplace and its safety equipment. Häfla Bruk manufactures various products to improve workplace safety.