Häfla Bruk

Tradition, knowledge and development

When Häfla Bruk was established more than 300 years ago, the focus at the time was on iron. A lot has happened since then, and today's products are made of steel. We have benefited greatly from the experience gained over the passing centuries, and so have you. With our mix of competence, advanced technology and tradition, you can be certain of finding the highest quality.

We cannot simply sit back and be content with today's results, however. It is just as important for us to think ahead to ensure that you continue to receive the best in the future. This is an essential part of our work, and our products and production equipment are subject to constant development. Our view of the future is positive!

There are times when a standard product is not suitable, due to factors which influence the design of your particular product. Aesthetic wishes, the environment, safety and statutory regulations are only a few examples. We will be happy to assist you to arrive at the optimal solution to your needs.

Häfla plank type flooring Flexmetall Machine Guards