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Häfla plank type flooring

Lättdurk typ LDS (slitsad).


lättdurkAdvantages of Häfla plank type flooring

Häfla plank type flooring is a durable low-weight material for covering of, e.g. platforms, joist floors, gangways, pool covers, and industrial flooring. Häfla plank type flooring has a very good bearing capacity compared with, e.g. standard-height grating or planks/durbar plate. Häfla plank type flooring is always 50 mm high and is produced in 4 different versions with the same systemised thinking. Would you like to reduce the risk of slipping? Would you like to have good permeability for liquids or light? Would you like to have a closed gangway to minimise the feeling of dizziness at heights? Should the aesthetic impression be industrial? Häfla plank type flooring is an overall economic and qualitatively good choice for your project.

Häfla plank type flooring is produced size-cut according to customer drawings or in standard widths with customer-specific lengths. Untreated or hot dip galvanised.



Plank Type Flooring, Häfla LDT (closed)

Häfla LDT has an embossed pattern offering good anti-slip protection. LDT is used wherever a closed floor is needed.

Because the planks are closed, insulation can be installed in or under the planks.

Plank Type Flooring

Plank Type Flooring


Plank Type Flooring, Häfla LDH (open)

Häfla LDH has punched holes to let through light, dirt, and fluid. Used whenever a relatively smooth, yet pervious floor is required.

Suitable when, e.g. wheeled objects will be moved across the floor.

Plank Type Flooring

Plank type flooring


Plank Type Flooring, Häfla LDS (serrated slits)

Häfla LDS is a plank type with great permeability for dirt and liquids. The serrated top provides extremely good anti-slip protection.

Used wherever there are strict requirements for anti-slip protection.

Plank type flooring

Plank Type Flooring


Plank Type Flooring, Häfla LDP (perforated)

Good anti-slip protection, but not as good permeability as Häfla LDS.

Used wherever there are strict requirements for anti-slip protection and where no objects are allowed to fall through the openings.

Plank Type Flooring

Plank Type Flooring

Plank Type Flooring


Häfla plank type flooring is produced in two different profiles, construction and border profiles. The profiles form a construction system. The profiles are locked to the foundation with the fixing screw and the construction profiles' structure.

The profiles are available in lengths of up to 6000 mm and are produced in four widths.

Easy to install and handle

Thanks to the low weight of the profiles the installation is simplified as the planks can be laid by hand, without any help by crane or other lifting devices. More information is available in the assembly Instruction.



We can cut and work the planks entirely to requirement. It is an advantage to let this work be carried out in our factory before hot dip galvanizing to achieve best possible results. Where the bearing edge is cut through, the plank must be re-inforced by a LU profile.



We assist with the design of your plank type flooring and even of the supporting structure. Contact us at an early stage.


Wide Spans and simpler Supporting Structure

Plank type flooring represents a strong and light construction, which allows for spans of up to 2000 mm. Considerable savings on material can be achieved by employing simpler structures and supports at larger distances than those used for other types of industrial flooring. With spans exceeding 1500 mm the planks should be coupled together.


Plank type flooring Chequered Plate gallerdurk

Plank Type Flooring

Chequered Plate

Open Steel Flooring

Plank type flooring can cope with longer cross spans between supports. In this way, the total economy is improved because the number of supports can be reduced.

If it is wanted to seal a surface or floor, Chequer or Durbar plate is sometimes used. Chequer and Durbar plate have limited bearing capacity. Usually, the supports must be relatively close together, which has a negative effect on the cost for the number of supports needed.

Grating can also cope with longer cross spans provided the grating is dimensioned up. However, sturdy grating as covering material is frequently a poorer economic alternative compared to plank type flooring.