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New system makes it easy to build doors

maskinskydd med dörrHäfla Bruk's machine guards consist of sections of mesh that are assembled with the help of different types of brackets. This new building system means that every section can be transformed into a door with a simple modification.

The same brackets are used to hook both wall sections and doors securely in place. All doors can be fitted with a safety switch if required.


Flexibility exceeds requirements

Entry into the EU has brought stricter requirement for guarding around moving machines and workstations, for example with robots. We manufacture customized machine guards to the customer's specifications and needs, and the possibilities for combination are endless. No modifications are required to the existing production facility, and additional guards are easily fitted if it is extended.

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Considerable scope for variation

Mesh sections and posts are assembled with different fastening elements which make it easy to change direction.





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Safety switch

Safety switch When the door is opened, the power supply to the machine is interrupted automatically. A warning lamp flashes, and it is easy to see which door has been opened. We cooperate today with SICK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of safety switches, light curtains, etc.

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Simple solutions to a standard format

Machine guard sections are available from stock (see the table on the right), and their flexibility makes it easy to find solutions for most needs. One advantage is that there is no need to produce special solutions for different angles on stairs, and everything can be built using existing standard modules. Doors can be installed at any point in the system.

Machine guard sections from stock
300 x 1500
400 x 1500
500 x 1500
600 x 1500
700 x 1500
800 x 1500
1000 x 1500
1200 x 1500
300 x 2250
400 x 2250
500 x 2250
600 x 2250
700 x 2250
800 x 2250
1000 x 2250
1200 x 2250
Sections in the above sizes are available from stock and are suitable for most constructions. If other sizes are required (max width 1200 mm, height 2250 mm), please contact Häfla Bruk for a quotation.
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